McLean | Next Generation AR Slings
McLean | Next Generation AR Slings
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Engage Targets In Less Than 1 Second

The McLean HD Sling features a quick release device that enables a shooter to convert from a dual-point sling to a single-point sling and be ready to fire in less than one second.

Watch The McLean In Action

9 ounces

1.5″ textured nylon

Saltwater resistant

Patent pending


Next Generation AR 15 Slings

Designed to be the ultimate, single-point, combat rifle sling, the McLean HD sling incorporates innovative features not found on any other single-point rifle sling. It’s the ideal sling for an AR-15.

Meet McLean

Superior Quality

The McLean HD Sling is Mil-Spec Berry Compliant and was invented and field tested by Active Duty Operators and Law Enforcement Agencies. You won’t find a better AR 15 sling than a McLean.

Developed & Field Tested By Active Duty Operators & Law Enforcement Agencies

The McLean isn’t a typical rifle or AR-15 sling. It was developed and field tested by Active Duty Military Operators and various Law Enforcement Agencies to ensure the McLean was the fastest in a combat situation. The McLean was specifically designed to fill the gap between a single point sling and a dual point sling by combining the advantages of both types into a single sling.

Government Grade

Superior combat equipment. It’s a non-negotiable for our soldiers and police officers. The McLean HD Sling was designed by Active Duty Military personally to specifically meet the needs of military and police personnel. You won’t find a better choice for close quarters combat situations.

We worked with several law enforcement agencies to ensure the McLean was the the fastest in a combat situation, the most durable and reliable rifle sling available. Every McLean sling meets Mil-Spec requirements, is Berry Compliant, and is available for government purchasing.

Meets Mil-Spec

Designed to meet stringent U.S. Military specifications, McLean slings are made from 1 ½ inch, ultra durable, Cordura nylon with reinforced stitches for enhanced durability.

Berry Compliant

All McLean slings are Berry Compliant. You won’t find any reason to purchase another sling for your officers.

Made In USA

Made entirely in the U.S.A. McLean is passionate about making our country great and supporting American workers.

Perfect for gunsmiths, gun enthusiasts and hunters

Every customer who walks into your sporting goods store will find a reason to love McLean slings. It may be the one second conversion time, that it’s Mil-Spec Berry compliant, or that it was invented and field tested by Active Duty Military Operators and various Law Enforcement Agencies. Whatever the reason may be, they won’t find another rifle sling on the shelf that compares.


Give gunsmiths a unique addition to their product that they can’t find anywhere else.


Gun enthusiasts will love the unique design, one second conversion, and Mil-Spec quality that will make their friends jealous.


The perfect choice for hunters who are looking for a convenient means to carry their AR-10 hunting rifle in the field.


Honor Our Warriors.

Support Their Families.

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